For what purpose do we process your personal data? Resolved

  1. For the purpose of (briefly) the conclusion of an “Agreement on Provision of Opinion Report” (“R​eport Agreement​”) between you and the Doctor (as defined in the Report Agreement) and payment for the services rendered to the User thereunder. In addition, your personal data (including messages to the Doctor) will be used by us for the purpose of the translation of the Report (as defined in the Report Agreement), if requested, and for sending newsletters and email communication.
  2. Which personal data do we process for this purpose?
    For this purpose, we process (a) User’s name and email address, and (b) the medical data provided by User and consisting of gender, age, clinical history, and (x-ray, CT scan, MRI, PET, Ultrasound and/or Mammography) images and scans.
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  3. For what period do we retain your personal data?
    Personal data will be stored on your account until you delete these data or require us to do so.

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