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The Right Way to Request Helpdesk Support

A right support request about the issue you're experiencing with concise and useful information is very important for us to track down and resolve the issue.

Try to Replicate the Issue
Prior to submitting a ticket, you should try to replicate this issue on a different computer, operating system, browser, device, location, and/or network. Also browse through HelpDesk at 

'Help, I am getting error !'

This request is too vague to understand the issue.  You can’t assume that our IT team will know which issue or error you’re referring to. If issue is replicable, provide instructions for how to recreate the problem in your request. Often times, the helpdesk must recreate the error to solve it.

Always provide following details:

  • URL where the error occurred.
  • The device being used (iPhone, Laptop, etc.), Operative system (Windows, Android, Mac etc)
  • Screenshot or the Exact Text of the Error Message. Screenshot, gif, or video of your issue is extremely helpful to pinpoint issue. If you can’t include an image, add the exact text of the error message.

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