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CASHBACK Offer for Xrays (NEW Hospital and Diagnostic Centre)

How it works: Hospital / Diagnostic Center looking for on-demand reporting of Xray, add a new Job at Upload …

How it works:

  1. Hospital / Diagnostic Center looking for on-demand reporting of Xray, add a new Job at
  2. Upload X-rays (Dicom Zip format) on TeleradiologyHUB Server
  3. Download and Print Report on own LetterPad when the uploaded Xrays are reported by the assigned Radiologist
  4. The Professional fee for Reporting is deducted from the Wallet of User (Hospital / Diagnostic center) and immediately transferred to the Radiologist Wallet after Report after deducting Flat 5% service Charge.
  5. The payment is per case basis. 

Offer Details :

  1. Free 10 Xray reporting for two Months (Total 20).
  2. The amount equivalent to fees of 10 Xray Reporting will be credited to the Hospital / Diagnostic center account.


Terms and Conditions:

  1. The offer is eligible only for New registration done from 14th July 2018 onwards.
  2. Minimum 50 Xrays per month are required to become eligible for the Offer.
  3. Only the transactions conducted in India and in Indian Rupees will be eligible for the Cashback offer.
  4. This offer shall be valid from 14th July 2018 to 31st August 2018 (both days inclusive).
  5. The TeleradiologyHUB reserves the right to change the offer period and terms of offer without any prior notice.
  6. The Cashback shall not be made instant and would be credited within 24hours after successful upload 50 Xrays.
  7. The Cashback amount will be directly credited to the Customer’s Wallet.
  8. Any participation of this offer is purely voluntary.
  9. This Cashback offer is non-transferrable to any other person.
  10. This Cashback offer is non-negotiable and is valid for Indian residents and citizen only with transactions done in India only.
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