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  1. Login to your TeleradiologyHUB Account. Login link is available at top right side of every webpage. 
  2. Browse to www.teleradiologyhub.com/pixel
  3. Click on 'Add new Case'
  4. Enter relevant case details, information and images.
  5. Submit 
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No. You can upload any cases reported by you in the past from any of yours Diagnostic center / Hospital. 

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Almost all Dicom Viewer softwares have inbuilt option to anonymise (remove details about the patient) and export into jpeg format.

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At present upload images are restricted to the 10. It will be increased soon.

The images should be .jpeg format

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TeleradiologyHUB is fastest growing Radiology website with very high Global and Local Ranking. We get more than 2000 Visitors per day across globe with maximum hits from the Google Search. 

When any patient search on Google to find more about his / her MRI / CT Reports and want to consult Top Radiologist for Second Opinion, Google redirects to the Pixel section

TeleradiologyHUB provides online option to submit images and get second opinion from the Radiologist of choice listed at Our Radiologists section.

If you are a Radiologist, then you can take an advantage to earn 10USD to 100USD for Second Opinion per case. Our inboard senior Radiologists are already earning good amount.

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The rare and exceptional cases reported by you during your Radiology practice is like a powerful image portfolio.

A collection of good cases exemplifies your skills, education, qualifications, training and experience. It presents an insight into your work. Overall, you can say it represents you. Artists, interior designers, graphic designers, writers, teachers, architects, and others in visual professions have been documenting their work in portfolios for years. Today, any professional including Doctors must start building a portfolio.

Every Radiologist must have a great Cases portfolio due to the growing demand for Tele-reporting and Second Opinion. Radiology field is vast, includes many sub-specialities like Neuroradiology, Cardiac imaging, Muscuoskeletal etc. Often potential clients base their decision if they should hire you for Tele-reporting. 


The importance of a great Case portfolio

  • Demonstrate your skills – 

Your potential clients need proof that you have enough experience what it takes to report complicated case for them. 

  • Building trust – 

Your potential client will develop a sense of trust once he/she sees your high quality work

  • Personal branding – 
    In today’s environment, the competition in the medical field is fiercely competitive. It is not enough to create a website, place some directory listings and hope that people will magically find your practice. If you want to establish trust with patients before they ever come in, building a personal brand is a great way.


What do you put in a Cases portfolio?

Any MRI / CT / USG / Xray cases that demonstrates your accomplishments and abilities should go into your portfolio. Think you don’t have anything to put in a portfolio? Think again. What rare, classical or complicated have you reported on recently or over the years? Select some of such cases, and add it to your portfolio.


How do I create Cases Portfolio 

Visit following url for more info



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You should copy and paste the important findings from your original issued Report. 


on Friday November 15 by TeleradiologyHUB
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