What is Procedure for Tele-reporting

  1. Login to the www.teleradiologyhub.com
  2. Visit www.teleradiologyhub.com/reports
  3. Type Patient ID code received on Email & click anywhere outside Patient ID field
  4. This will auto-load patient history and other details.
  5. Click on Download Button to download Dicom images
  6. Import downloaded Zip file in your Dicom Viewer (Osirix / Radiant viewer).
  7. Type TechniqueFindings and Impression in respective fields.  
  8. Sign the Report using Mouse in the White Cavas, located above your Name.
  9. Click on SAVE REPORT
  10. Confirm the submitted data to finalize the report.
  11. Click on RE-EDIT for any changes in the report OR SAVE REPORT to finalize.
on 28 September Thursday by TeleradiologyHUB
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