What do I do once I booked a test (and a radiologists) on your platform

If you have paid your fees 100% online, you should expect a call from our centre within 1-2 working hours, if not, we encourage you to call TH Customer Care on 8624917525.

On the day of scanning, please carry your payment receipt to the scanning centre.

You may need to wait for your turn. In some situations, the waiting period could be 2-3 hours.

After the scan, images will be uploaded by the diagnostic centre on our server. Upon successful upload, please give our system 1-2 hours to send you a link of your scans and reports. Because these reports are saved on clouds, you can revisit them anytime throughout the week. They are free to download and print from wherever you wish to. 

on 13 March Wednesday by TeleradiologyHUB
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