Artificial intelligence offers a paradigm shift in the field of radiology. This technology uses algorithms to increase the efficiency and accuracy of diagnostic imaging and decrease false positives and false negatives. The artificial intelligence in radiology aims to revolutionize radiology through the use of algorithms to create a technology that will learn to distinguish what is abnormal from what is normal in each and every medical imaging modality such as MRI scans, CT scans, ultrasound, and x-ray.

The different algorithms in developed for artificial intelligence in radiology have one ultimate goal which is to increase the accuracy in the diagnosis of disease. We believe that artificial intelligence is the new frontier and in a few years, it could be the new norm of radiology.

TeleRadiology Hub is composed of a team of radiologists from India who specialize in the different areas of radiology. Our company uses a special algorithm to connect you to the radiologist whose expertise could give you high-quality and accurate reports. Each report is further reviewed by a senior radiologist to ensure that all the findings are reported.

Our core purpose is to make health care more accessible to all people by using modern technology to aid in diagnosis. Which is why, we at TeleRadiology Hub would like to expand our horizons and partner with developers and researcher to in the development of algorithms for artificial intelligence and in coding and beta testing products.