Why should you join us as TeleRadiologist ?



The unique set up of our networking allows you to work remotely from home or any location of your choice. The only thing you need is Internet – we will provide you with all the necessary equipment.

You can be close to your children, family or live in the city of your dreams and still work for us.  The advantage for you is the flexibility of work – you manage your own schedule. It is also a great opportunity to take a break and enjoy life and work from any place you like and still being connected to the best specialists.



You can work as a part-time in your free hours from the comfort of your home and with full flexibility over your schedule. Or you decide to completely switch gears and start to work full-time with us.



Are you currently out of your job for some reason (medical issue, pregnancy, small kids etc) and not sure how long would take to resume normal job. Then this is the best opportunity to work. Let us know your needs and we can surely work out an attractive, tailor made solution for you.



You can work as a sub-specialist in the areas of Body, Neuro, MSK or Emergency radiology and exclusively report on cases from your area of interest. We even offers possibilities to super-specialize in specific disease types, organs or modalities (e.g. HRCT, CT sinuses, liver, shoulder).



We are a quality and technology savvy company. We have developed our own RIS based on the input from our radiologists. All that to enable you to focus on your work and deliver your reports in the most effective way.


OPPORTUNITY to specialise

You will become a part of one of our sub-specialised section.

This allows you to specialise in the modalities, organs or disease types of your interest and develop deep expert knowledge.