Suggestions to improve teleradiology Reporting

  1. No Headings: Do not write Headings like Findings / Impression / Disclaimer. The templates are already customized as per need of the client requirement. All these headings are by default included in the Report Template. You will get idea when you the actual report. 
  2. Bold Text : Use bold text only for main positive findings in Observations / Findings field.
  3. Modify Clinical Profile / History: Keep only appropriate text and remove unwanted / irrelevant text entered by the Technician. Whatever you enter, it is reflected in the Report. 
  4. Local Draft : Preferably draft the report in Microsoft word on your Laptop / Desktop with auto save option. This will help you to retain data in case internet gets interrupted at your end due to any reason. It will also help you to check Spelling and Typo errors. 
  5. Patient Details : Always check whether the Name of Patient matches with the name on Dicom images. Sometime Tech can upload wrong Dicom images. 
  6. PDF Date : Please ignore DATE in PDF received on your Email. You can view actual report available to print to the Client by clicking on VIEW (dropdown between Earning and Feedback) in your TH Profile.
on 20 February Wednesday by TeleradiologyHUB
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