I can’t login because it says my account has not been activated yet. Open

HolebasuPosted 1 year ago
If you're trying to log in to your TH account and getting a message stating your account is not activated. It means your account is not activated. All accounts need to be activated by an activation link that arrives via email to the address you provided.
The most possible reasons for not receiving any activation email :

  1. Slow Internet- Most of the time your activation email will be in your inbox in a matter of minutes. But, in a a small percentage of the time the activation email can take longer than expected. Emails can take time to travel across the Internet, so give it at least 15 minutes to arrive.

  2. Spam or Junk Mail folder- Sometimes emails from real people and companies get routed to our spam folder.  Check the spam/junk folder of the email account you used to register. 

  3. Add our Email address to your Contacts or Trusted Email List - More details Add Email Contact

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