In standard plan, the Diagnostic setup/Hospital is free to choose five Radiologists from our team of Radiologists displayed at based on Pricing, qualifications and location. So whenever a new case is uploaded by you, the case would be assigned to one of these 5 Radiologists based on the preference chosen by you. Our role would be just to co-ordinate between you and our Radiologists. There shall be no Quality or TAT check in this plan from TeleradiologyHub side.

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This plan is devised for the Diagnostic setup/Hospital who prefer Quality over Quantity. Every case is reported by our Senior Radiologists with detailed reporting. The primary report drafted by the Primary Radiologist is checked again by our Team of Radiologists for any missed finding and grammatical errors. Our technical staff actively monitors to maintain quality and committed TAT.

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Per case Pricing

Decided by the Diagnostic center / Hospital

Flat Price decided by TH Team

Radiologist Selection

Selected by the Diagnostic center / Hospital

Selected by the TH Team

TAT Assurance

Skeptical (It is responsibility of the Radiologist)


Notifications to specified Manager.


Email + SMS

Notifications to the Patient / Client


Email + SMS (optional)

Monthly Report





We can customise the format as per your letter head format, which will save your time of editing the format and giving printouts.

Key Images


Our Highly Skilled Radiologists will also provide some Key Images while reporting, which will be helpful for your referring doctors as well as set a benchmark of quality for your organization.


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