Patient Booking

  1. Patient lands up at DC Page at
  2. Submits Appointment form for MRI, CT, USG or Xrays Test 
  3. SMS & Email is received by our TH Staff


  1. Login to his/her Account at
  2. Visits Frontdesk >> Appointments >> Click on Patient name to check Name of Lab & Test
  3. Check Discount offered by this Lab & other Labs in City of Patient
  4. If TH has already tied up the Lab where Patient wants to do the Scan, our staff calls to the patient & offers discount.
  5. If patient agrees for the Discount and Lab, staff generate Receipt 

Receipt Generation

  1. Appointments >> Click on Add Receipt >> Select Receipt for  >> Hide columns in Receipt Yes / No >> Generate Receipt >> Click on View under Generated Receipt
  2. Two receipts are to be generated: one for patient and second for DC
  3. Click on PDF to download the generated Receipt & Whatsapp to the Patient / DC
  4. Instruct Patient to show the Receipt to the Reception of Lab before payment to avail discount.

Invoice Generation 

  1. Appointments >> Click on Add Invoice >> Enter Amount >> Click on Pay >> Link is generated
  2. Copy Link address and paste it in new tab
  3. Click on edit option> Payment gateway CC Avenue is generated 

Approaching patients for Initial Consultation of Radiology Scan

  1. Introduce yourself. Eg. Hello, Good Morning. I'm Dr. Satish, calling from TeleradiologyHUB. We're a group of radiologists helping patients who wish to go for radiology scans.
  2. Ask patients about modalities they wish to do. Viz, MRI, CT, Ultrasound or Sonography, other.
  3. After getting known about their tests, ask patients to upload their referral letter either on Tawk app or on whatsapp number.
  4. Ask patients whether they want to go for treatment at discounted price or at fixed cost.
  5. Once patient agrees for the discount, talk to decision makers of diagnostic centers.
  6. We can obtain contact numbers of decision makers by calling on reception numbers and requesting them for giving us contact number of decision maker.

Additional Tip: At the end of Positive Tawk chat, ask patient to confirm his Mobile number provided during initialisation of chat. Many times, patient enters wrong Mobile number which makes difficult for us to contact. 

Approaching Decision Makers for collaboration with decision makers.

  1. Introduce yourself. Eg. Hello, Good Morning. I'm Dr. Satish, calling from TeleradiologyHUB. We're a group of radiologists helping patients who wish to go for radiology scans.
  2. Our main motive is to consult patients for radiology tests.
  3. After tests are done, we interpret results generated from patient's reports.
  4. Enumerate treatment options that patients have finalised to be carried out in diagnostic center. 
  5. Convince decision makers about incorporating best discounted deals and get their approval in order to send patients to the diagnostic center.
  6. Convey patients to go to diagnostic center for treatment.


Changing Patient Scan status

  1. Appointments >> Look out for patient's name who's status you need to change
  2. Click on symbol in Scans column
  3. Click on update status >> Element > select status.
  4. Click on Value >> choose best suitable options amongst different variants available. Viz. Followup lost/ Scan done (Self)/ Scan done (TH)/ Scan Done (From Others)/ Scan Pending/ Test Cancel or not done etc.


Finding labs based on location

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Filter >> City >> Name of Diagnostic center >> Go. 


Adding new diagnostic Center

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Add new Lab
  3. Before adding make sure, the new Lab doesn't already exists at our Listing directory. To check the same, go through Finding labs
  4. Write the name of Lab
    • Name should be in Proper sentence for eg. NM Medical not NM MEDICAL
    • Do not add name of City in the Lab Name field.
    • If Lab has multiple branches, then append location name like NM Medical, Boriwali
    • Avoid writing special characters like () or / or [] in name field
  5. Reception Contact number
    • Search Google or for contact number & call on that number to verify the same
  6. Call to the Reception & get Date
    • Tell Reception, that your Doctor Sathish who wants to send patient for Scanning
    • Ask the Modality available like MRI (3 Tesla / 1.5 Tesla), CT scan (64 Slice / 16 Slice), USG & Xray (Digital/Conventional)
    • Inquire the Price for MRI / CT Brain, Chest, Abdomen & Pelvis and Joints (Shoulder/Knee)
    • Get the name, Mobile number & Email address of PRO (Public relationship Officer) / Manager
    • Get the official Email address & WhatsApp number of Lab.
    • Preferably record this conversation on Mobile.
  7. Update received data in the Listing.
  8. Call to PRO and discuss discount for Cases sent through TH.


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